Central to the Montessori philosophy is for children to create a purposeful, peaceful and respectful life for themselves and the world around them. Many lessons and activities at MSK are centered on ways children can give back to those who are less fortunate. We are very pleased to share that through the support of the MSK school community we have created three Montessori schools in remote areas of Tanzania, Africa — the V , M and K schools. Also, we are very humbled to share that we have sponsored four children in Africa and support them with their educational needs. MSK students are kept abreast with their progress and how their support is making a significant impact in their lives.

By working with The Olive Branch for Children, MSK has been able to establish our sister-schools. Children in Tanzania will receive a traditional Casa education in an area where public education is not an option. We are proud to say that we are able to maintain these schools and provide the necessities of learning due to the generosity of our school community.

Throughout the year, we will hold fundraisers and other initiatives to raise money to continue supporting our sponsored children, our schools and their specific needs. For example, in fall 2018 we held our Walk for Water campaign which raised enough money to build a well in this Tanzanian community. With the MSK community’s support, the V, M and K school students and their families now have access to fresh water.

If you are interested in our cause or to donate, please visit The Olive Branch for Children. Click here to view the MWASHOTA Year Book.


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