Our Montessori School in Kleinburg alumni have gone on to find incredible success after their years with us.


While I was only a young student just beginning my academic career at the time of my study there, I believe the Montessori School in Kleinburg put me on the path to success for the rest of my very long journey. Overall, I credit them with teaching me independence, individuality, and how to learn in ways beyond any typical classroom. My time at MSK taught me how to love to learn. The academic curriculum is exceptional, and when my time at MSK was up I was light years ahead of classmates at my new schools in everything from reading and writing at a much higher grade, being able to proficiently multiply and do long division by third grade, and immaculate handwriting. Looking back, beyond academic curriculum, MSK taught life and social skills, confidence in myself, a sense of discipline and maturity at a young age, and how to be a leader but also how to respect others. I believe my success as a student and beyond, and that of any student, comes from the guidance they received when they were young students. MSK provided me with an unparalleled foundation upon which I built the rest of my life and successes as a student.

To date, I have graduated high school amongst the top 10 highest academically achieving students in my graduating class. I graduated with both an Honours Ontario Secondary diploma and also a successfully completed International Baccalaureate Programme diploma. I am currently studying at the University of Toronto at the St. George campus part of Trinity College; and I will be beginning my third year of study in September 2018 towards the completion of a Physiology Specialist. I have high aspirations of medical school and beyond for the many years of lifelong learning I want for myself, and truthfully I don’t believe I would be the student I am today had it not been for the staff and teachers at the Montessori School in Kleinburg. I am so grateful for the time I spent with them.


I have just graduated with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering. It seems like a lifetime ago but I once was a student at MSK, and I can say without a doubt that it was MSK that prepared me for what I would face in my future education. MSK taught me how to work hard and organize my time in order to complete everything which needed to be done, but more importantly, it taught me the value of pursuing that which I am passionate about. You see it was during my time at MSK I began to be interested in the sciences, it was at MSK where the passion that now burns inside of me was ignited. I am very grateful for the time I spent at MSK, and how even now I am still encouraged every time I return. MSK is a place which points your view to the sky so that you aim not at that which is right in front of you, but that which lies with the stars waiting for you to discover it.


By attending a Montessori school, it allowed me to obtain a set of unique interpersonal skills that can not be achieved from an ordinary public school. By using a “hands-on” approach along with being confined in a loving environment, it allowed me to become the strong, confident, and determined woman that I am today. Your youth is where most information is absorbed and retained and the Montessori education system uses this time to not only teach what is required but to also teach what is important. My childhood is where I picked up all the skills that helped me be successful today. I was able to explore my academic interests through the use of materials allowing me to enjoy and have fun with my education. The teachers were always an excellent support system, always providing me with opportunities to pursue my interests and not once did I ever feel pressured or judged. Time management is a skill that prominent in every aspect of my life and through the help of the Montessori teachers along with the materials used I was able to adapt this skill at a very young age.

Growing up in a Montessori environment provided a foundation for an overall successful education due to being introduced to many skills at such a young age. Along with being taught necessary working habits, I was also taught how to love myself along with those around me. Growing up, Montessori taught me how to work cooperatively with those of different ages, races, and skill sets. Through the help of Montessori I adapted excellent work habits that allowed me to graduate high school with excellent marks and be in my second year undergraduate of kinesiology. Constantly being taught to follow my dreams as a child allowed me to continuously strive despite the obstacles I was faced with and now i continue to chase my dreams of becoming a chiropractor and opening up my own clinic. The Montessori School in Kleinburg made what looked impossible to me, possible. While attending the Montessori School in Kleinburg, I never felt like a student, I felt like a daughter who was apart of one big family. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to attend such an amazing school and be apart of a loving family who never doubted me. I would not be where I am today if it was not for wonderful staff, principal and education system.


Education is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to a person; both child an adult. It encourages an individual to pursue a passion, or even assist in discovering a passion one was unaware they possessed. My passion for education stems from my many years at M.S.K. I was a student at M.S.K for ten years, and the skills I’ve learned have stayed with me to present day. M.S.K is much more than a school, it is a family. All the staff encourage their students to strive for excellence and be the best person they can be. They take the time to sit down with students one-on-one to ensure all concepts and lessons are fully understood. This not only helps students gain confidence in their academic abilities, but also provides them with a number of strategies they will use to understand assignments on their own.

From my time at M.S.K, I witnessed how dedicated all the teachers were to their career. They always put their heart into everything they do and teach. All the students are treated with the same respect and kindness; no student is ever isolated from their peers. It is M.S.K’s exemplary staff that made my decision to pursue education an easy one. I have always believed that it is everyone’s right to a proper and solid education, and M.S.K demonstrates this in everything they do.

My hopes for the future is to be an amazing teacher who is loved by her students. My many role models at M.S.K have taught me that my dreams can become a reality if you do the best you can, and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Staff from MSK spent endless hours teaching me proper work ethics, concepts, and manners. M.S.K has truly shaped me into the person I am today. When it is my time to be an educator, I will carry on what M.S.K has taught me and continues to teach; education truly is the best gift.


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