The Montessori School in Kleinburg has sponsored four children in Tanzania, Africa. We are humbled to be able to provide them with all of their educational needs including their post-secondary education.


We have bittersweet news to share in regards to Hussein's journey with MSK and the Olive Branch for Children. Our commitment to Hussein has come to a close as he completed his mechanic qualifications in November and was recently appointed manager of an auto-parts shop at the garage where he completed his apprenticeship.

During our partnership with Hussein, about three years ago, he reached out the Olive Branch to sponsor his girlfriend, Mary, to complete her college education. Through our community's support, Mary is now a qualified teacher looking for a job! They are now able to purchase a piece of land to start their lives together. Seeing the fruits of Hussein's hard work and our community's ongoing support and dedication, it brings us such joy to see our work come full-circle. Our commitment to Hussein over many years has ensured his success, education and opportunity and we couldn't be more thrilled for him and his partner, Mary.


Clever has now started Grade 5 and is at the top of his class. He is vibrant and charming -- he is the first to pull a prank on someone at the Peace Home and the first to climb up the mango trees when the season is in full swing. His English is definitely the best at the Peace Home. In two years when he begins high school, he will move the to Zion Home to complete his studies.

Edina, the mama at the Peace Home has an extremely strong bond with Clever. It is amazing to watch the two of them together. He adores her and she him. Her guidance and love have been instrumental to his growth and development. His cheekiness, intelligence and curiosity can be directly attributed to the love and care he has received from Edina.

Clever has many dreams. Sometimes, he wants to be a police officer. Other times, he dreams of owning a big business On other days, he wants to be a doctor.


Mwajuma is 16 years old and is currently in Form III. She loves sports and is an excellent soccer player. She has a big heart and loves bear hugs. Last year, she wrote her Form III National Exams and passed with flying colours. She has opted to focus on business subjects for Form III and IV.


Geita is 14 years old and is in Grade 5. Her late start to education, coupled with poor nutrition before arriving at The Olive Branch, means Geita needs more time and attention. She loves drawing and dreams of becoming a fashion designer when she grows up. She is also a very good dancer. In 2019, she learned how to ride a bike and loves zooming around on her bike at the Zion Home. Her favourite teacher at the Olive Branch Montessori Academy is Stan.

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