We are very humbled by the generous donations made by the MSK school community to support our sponsored children and Montessori sister-schools – the V, M and K schools in Tanzania, Africa. Because of these donations, we are able to provide an education to hundreds of students and play an important role in their success and well-being.

Where do the MSK Donations Go?

  1. Select “Donate Now” and choose the “Education” option.
  2. Below is a text box that indicates you can “apply your donation to a specific fund”. There, indicate you are donating to the V, M and K Schools.
  3. All donations over $25 will receive a tax receipt.

What’s Next?

Due to the overwhelming success of the V, M and K schools, coupled with the community’s need for an elementary school we have committed to assist in raising funds for this next phase of development in Mwashota community.

Our Goal: $14 000

Current: $2 030

  • 14%

The New Mwashota Elementary School

Our goal is to raise $14 000 to build this space!

The plan for the new Mwashota Elementary School is to knock the dilapidated building and replace it with two new classrooms. These classrooms will add an additional 240 square-metres of learning space. The existing structure M School is 375 square-metres which means the entire school compound will be 615 square metres of learning space. Once the project commences, we estimate it will take 3-5 months to complete.

The M School will become a flagship, community school that will serve as an example for future village-based schooling.

About Mwashota

Mwashota is a very remote community with a population of 2500 people. Other than the M School, that currently teaches 400 students, there is no access to education. The closest government-run primary school is located an hour-long motorcycle ride away.

Once students at the M School have completed their Casa program, there are no academic opportunities available to them. The teachers at this school saw this gap as a major issue and expanded the school to include class time up to grade 4. But the problem is that the space they’re using for these further studies is a dilapidated building.

Project Budget

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